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A real estate development company’s accomplishments flow from decisions made at the top.

Anatol Hiller, the founder and managing member of Premier Development & Affiliates, LLC is a recognized leader in the industry for over 40 years and built his company from the ground up. Known to most by only his first name, Anatol’s dedication to hard work, loyalty, personal relationships, and hands-on involvement assured his company’s success. Through a commitment to quality land planning, design, and construction a truly exceptional organization has evolved.


The next generation has stepped up and the values that anchored Premier persevere. A highly professional and talented team was developed to uphold the company’s high standard of building quality, custom homes without cutting corners. This is apparent in every square foot Premier builds, ensuring that its well-deserved reputation is permanent.

Premier’s principals never rest on their successes. They are a sound, refined team that delivers homes of superior quality and construction: the hallmark of all Premier Development properties. They are driven by the needs of today’s homebuyer. Premier remains a privately owned, closely controlled real estate business. The capabilities expanded into one of the country’s few full-service development enterprises. The organization, by the nature of its refined structure, rapidly adapts to an ever-evolving real estate market, embracing challenge and change and always adhering to its founding principles: the steadfast delivery of customer service, quality, and value.

Premier Development expanded its portfolio through business opportunities and diversified income streams by building and managing multi unit rental properties in strategic locations. The management team was expanded, adding the needed skill sets to develop and manage internally. Today, Premier administers thousands of rental units that are constructed with stringent guidelines, receiving the same care and attention as Premier’s residential home projects. Renters receive highly desirable community amenities and unit options without compromise.

With expansion comes responsibility. The company embraces nature’s blueprint, staying on the forefront of environmentally sanctioned building practices, as evidenced in a planned move toward self-sustainable communities. Premier Development’s history and portfolio paint a picture that is unique and distinctive. Funded from within, Premier is fiscally sound, and able to act quickly and decisively. Since its principals continue to actively control the firm, Premier proudly maintains a stellar reputation as one of the country’s most responsive, trusted, and flexible development teams.

"Certainly Premier has a lot of integrity. I’ve seen that in every home they’ve put up. Premier certainly knows how to put value into a home. You can tell that by what they’ve built just around us."

"They stand behind what they say. Simply… when they tell you something, they don’t tell you one thing, and then do something that’s completely opposite. When they tell you what they are going to do, they do it."

"I would definitely recommend them. I think they are a very good builder. This is our 4th house and I must say, the house I like the most."

"I love living here. It’s a great community, the houses are wonderful, and I’m sure that anywhere Premier builds they will be just as great."

"I felt like they were brothers and sisters, and we were building this house together. The home is a home of homes. It’s my dream house."

"The reasons you want to buy a home from Premier Builders: very positive experience, extremely qualified staff, very responsive, and the end result means you are not just going to get a house, you’re going to get a home. And I think that is very important."

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